The FIFA Women's World Cup (WWC) was first broadcast on television in 1991 and now ranks in the top five for most watched sporting broadcasts in the world. Below is a list of the stations/companies that air the WWC for their respective countries. This page was created in 2015 and contains the information for the 2011 & 2015 tournaments and onward, except in cases where previous information on broadcasters can be found.

United Kingdom Edit

  • 2015– Eurosport & BBC
Year Channel Play-by-play Color commentator(s) Studio Host Studio Analysts
2016 BBC Jonathan Pearce

Steve Bower

Sue Smith

Lucy Ward

Jacqui Oatley Rachel Yankey

Rachel Brown-Finnis

2011 Guy Mowbray Lucy Ward Gabby Logan Martin Keown

Jo Potter

2007 Guy Mowbray Lucy Ward Gabby Logan Gavin Peacock

Karen Walker

North America Edit

Canada[edit] Edit

  • 2015– TSN & CTV
  • 2011– CBC & CTV
Year Network Play-by-play Color commentators Studio Host Studio Analysts
2015[6] TSN


Luke Wileman Jason de Vos James Duthie and Jennifer Hedger Kara Lang, Kristian Jack, and Clare Rustad
  • TSN and CTV used their own announcers for all Canadian games during the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, as well as US matches from the round of 16 onward. For all other matches they used the English World Feed.
  • Prior to the 2015 Women's World Cup CBC and CTV simulcast the ESPN/ABC broadcasts.

Mexico[edit] Edit

  • 2015– Televisa
  • 2011– Televisa & TV Azteca

United States[edit] Edit

English-language television[ Edit

Finals Edit

Year Network Play-by-play Color commentators Sideline Reporter Studio host Studio analysts
2015 Fox JP Dellacamera Tony DiCicco and Cat Whitehill Jenny Taft Rob Stone Alexi Lalas and Heather Mitts
2011 ESPN Ian Darke Julie Foudy Steve McManaman Bob Ley Brandi Chastain and Brianna Scurry
2007 ESPN JP Dellacamera Rob Stone Heather Mitts
2003 ABC JP Dellacamera Wendy Gebauer Tisha Venturini Terry Gannon Heather Mitts
1999 JP Dellacamera Wendy Gebauer Chris McKendry Robin Roberts
1991 SportsChannel America Randy Hahn Pete Stemkowski

Other rounds Edit

Year Network Play-by-play Color commentators Sideline Reporter Studio host Studio analysts
2023 Fox


2015 JP Dellacamera

Justin Kutcher
Jenn Hildreth
John Strong
Glenn Davis

Tony DiCicco

Cat Whitehill
Aly Wagner
Kyndra de St. Aubin
Danielle Slaton
Christine Latham
Angela Hucles

Jenny Taft

Julie Stewart-Binks
Grant Wahl

Rob Stone and Kate Abdo Alexi Lalas, Angela Hucles, Mónica González, Ariane Hingst,

Stuart Holden, Christine Latham, Heather Mitts,
Leslie Osborne, Kelly Smith, Eric Wynalda, and Dr. Joe Machnik

2011 ESPN


Ian Darke

Adrian Healey
Beth Mowins

Julie Foudy

Kate Markgraf
Tony DiCicco
Cat Whitehill

Bob Ley and Rebecca Lowe Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Brianna Scurry, Mónica González,

Alicia Ferguson, Viola Odebrecht, Mia Hamm, and Tony DiCicco

2007 JP Dellacamera

Adrian Healey

Julie Foudy

Tony DiCicco
Lori Walker

Rob Stone Warren Barton and Heather Mitts
2003 ABC


JP Dellacamera

Beth Mowins
Erica Herskowitz

Wendy Gebauer

Tony DiCicco
Tom Stone

Tisha Venturini Rob Stone Heather Mitts
1999 JP Dellacamera

Bob Ley
Derek Rae
Holly Rowe

Wendy Gebauer

Amy Allman
Seamus Malin
Ty Keough

Chris McKendry Rob Stone and Robin Roberts
  • ESPN broadcast all matches for the 1999 Women's World Cup but cut it back to 18 of the 32 for 2003 due to conflicts with college football and the NFL.
  • 1999 featured the highest rated Women's Soccer match with the US/ China match until 2015. 11.4% of the nation's televisions tuned into the match.
  • 2007 was the first Women's World Cup streamed online. All 32 matches were streamed on the fairly new ESPN 360, but games were not archived. 2007 is also the only year games were produced in studio. ESPN produced all the opening round matches in studio and didn't send their own broadcast team to China until the quarterfinals.
  • 2011 became the first Women's World Cup to have games archived on ESPN3.
  • 2015 became the first Women's World Cup to have the English World Feed available in the US. Fox used the English World Feed for their archive on Fox Soccer 2 Go. 2015 also streamed games on Fox Sports Go.
  • The USA/Japan 2015 Final became the highest ever rated soccer match in the US. 12.9% of the nation tuned into the match on Fox. An average 25.4 million viewers watched the entire match, with 30.9 viewers catching the final 15 minutes of the match.[15] Spanish network Telemundo drew another 1.27 million viewers to boost the overall viewership to 26.7 million.[16]

Spanish-language television[edit] Edit

Year Network Play-by-play Color commentator(s)
2023 Telemundo

NBC Universo
NBC Deportes

2015[17] Andrés Cantor

Sammy Sadovnik
Copán Álvarez
Carlos Yustis

Manuel Sol

Carlos Hermosillo
Frederik Oldenburg

2011 Univision



English World Feed Edit

Year Site Play-by-play
2015 Edmonton

Ottawa & Montreal

Mark Tompkins

Martin Fisher
Kevin Keatings
John Roder
Dave Woods

2011 Sinsheim & Dresden

Berlin & Augsburg
Bochum & Monchengladbach
Wolfsburg & Leverkusen

Gary Bloom

John Helm
John Roder
Steve Banyard

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