Current Edit

Broadcast teams Edit

  • Jim Hughson–Craig Simpson
  • Bob Cole–Harry Neale
  • Rick Ball–Kelly Hrudey
  • Paul Romanuk–Greg Millen
  • Dave Randorf–Gary Galley

Rinkside reporters Edit

  • Chris Cuthbert: 1984–2008
  • Scott Oake: 1988–present
  • Scott Russell: 1985–present
  • Cassie Campbell-Pascall: 2006–present
  • Elliotte Friedman: 2003–present
  • Christine Simpson: 2014–present

Studio hosts Edit

  • Ron MacLean: 1986–present
  • David Amber: 2016–present

Studio analysts Edit

  • Don Cherry: 1981–present
  • Elliotte Friedman: 2012–present
  • Nick Kypreos: 2014–present
  • Kelly Hrudey: 1998-2012, 2016-present

Current broadcast teams Edit

Prior to the 2014–15 season, Hockey Night in Canada was split regionally in various CBC stations. As of this season, it is now split with CBC Television, City, and selected Sportsnet channels.

Former Edit

Broadcast teams Edit

  • Parminder Singh-Guy Charbonneau
  • Dean Brown-Gord Wilson
  • Chris Cuthbert-John Garrett-Dick Irvin, Jr.
  • Ken Daniels-Larry Murphy
  • Don Wittman-John Davidson
  • Danny Gallivan-Ron Ruesch
  • Dan Kelly-John Davidson
  • Jim Robson-Gary Dornhoefer

Rinkside reporters Edit

  • Martine Gaillard: 1998–2004
  • Brenda Irving: 2001–2006
  • Jeff Marek: 2009–2011
  • Andi Petrillo: 2011-2014
  • John Wells: 1979–1984
  • Mitch Peacock: 2010-2014
  • Bruce Rainnie: 2003–2014

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